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Why You Need the Best Camo When Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is a sport that requires certain gear in order to get the most enjoyment out of it. No matter if you’re after a reclusive old whitetail buck in the Eastern US or a large mule deer out West, these creatures are hyper aware of their surroundings. They are wired to detect even the slightest movements and sounds before they inevitably bolt away from any perceived threat. That’s why staying undetected is paramount to any hunter’s success. Different types of deer have different traits, but the one thing they all have in common is their uncanny ability to sense the presence of danger in their immediate surroundings. Have you ever wondered how that old buck just seemed to know you were there even though you were completely concealed, were totally still and silent, and had the wind in your favor? Hunting clothing with carbon-grid technology not only camouflages you visually, but it also acts as a barrier that prevents your body’s EMF from escaping.

HECS® is the best camo is designed to hunt deer, and these are some just some reasons why it works:

Mule Deer

There is something so appealing about hunting, and most hunters will tell you it can be an addictive lifestyle. Even though it doesn’t appeal to everyone, those who do hunt, love everything that goes into it. No matter if you have been hunting mule deer for most of your life or if this is going to be your first time, you’re going to want a successful experience. Camouflage clothing and gear designed specifically for this type of activity yields better results because it gets hunters closer and helps them remain undetected. Field-tested technological advancement has brought about clothing that inhibits your body’s natural output of electromagnetic frequency. These signals can be picked up on by mammals like mule deer, and this is how they can distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects. With dual-level concealment, both visually and electrically, you can accomplish more this hunting season.

Blacktail Deer

Since deer have an excellent sense of their surroundings, it takes a great deal of strategy and patience when hunting them. Having the proper gear and clothing for blacktail deer hunting will make your hunt more worthwhile. It will give you an edge and calculated advantage because apparel using carbon grid patented technology blocks the electrical energy emissions your body puts off naturally, which blacktails can pick up on easily. You’ll gain a one-of-a-kind of hunting experience because of the way our camo works. Blacktails prefer the edge of the forest and tangled cover, so they’re considered one of the most difficult deer subspecies to hunt. That’s what makes them one of the greatest prize hunts amongst North American deer hunters. With every deer you come across, you’re going to have to earn it. This means putting up with elevation spikes, navigating through thickets of brambles, and enduring uncomfortable weather conditions, but any hunter will admit it’s worth the effort.

Whitetail Deer

While hunting seasons vary by region, hunters everywhere know these elusive deer represent an incredible hunting challenge. With patented carbon-grid technology embedded into your hunting camouflage clothing, you will get closer, and the whitetail deer will stay noticeably calmer than ever thought possible before. The right hunting apparel will yield next-level concealment. Along with visual camouflage patterns, this advanced technology will block the natural electromagnetic frequency from your body. It is proven that whitetail deer can sense these fields, and when the electrical energy signature is removed, deer simply stay much calmer, seeing you as more of an inanimate object than a threat. This proven technological advantage means you remain concealed visually and electrically. Gear up this season, so you can experience the cutting edge of hunting regardless of where you’re located geographically or what type of deer you pursue.

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The Advantage of Using the Best Deer Hunting Camo

Electromagnetic frequency blocking technology conceals you on two levels when used in camouflage hunting apparel. It visually conceals you with digital camo patterns, and it also hides your presence on an electrical energy level as well. That’s the advantage of using the best deer hunting camo available on the market, because no other camo does this. It’s not just camo, it’s true camo! When the conditions are right, a hunter wearing the right gear, within close range, will typically see a more relaxed animal that tends to stay in the area for a longer period of time. If a hunter is spotted, they should stay still and remain quiet because many times the animal will simply look for 30 to 60 seconds, then go back to their normal activities. When wearing lower quality hunting clothing, the deer will relentless stare and head bob in these situations. If you get busted by a deer, turn it into a good shot opportunity, which is really what we are all after.

This is what goes into the best deer hunting clothes and gear:

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Scientific Research

So, how does the best deer hunting camo work? There’s a lot of scientific research that has shaped it into what it is, but it’s easy to break it down. All living creatures an electromagnetic frequency, when their muscles contract, and this electrical energy is how animals like mule deer can identify what is a creature and what is an inanimate object. Camouflage clothing is more than just a pattern that helps you blend in with your surroundings. Our mule deer camo will block your electrical emissions and make you appear as an inanimate object rather than a living threat.

Patented Carbon-Grid Technology

The specially designed hunting apparel contains a patented conductive carbon grid that’s woven into all of our fabrics. To really simplify how this works, look at your microwave door. The grid that lines the door blocks the microwaves and keeps them inside the box to cook your food. That same idea is being used in camouflage hunting apparel in order to provide hunters with visual and electrical concealment.

Functional Camo for Deer Hunting

Hunting apparel should camouflage you both visually as well as your EMF, and it can make a huge difference. You’re already doing a lot when it comes to hunting blacktail deer, so why not give yourself an edge to make your hunt more successful? Our digital camo patterns are light-weight, breathable, and machine washable, so it’s easy to hunt in and keep in good condition afterwards. In addition to hiding yourself from the deer, it also masks your scent.

The biggest advantage of all, is that the more natural the deer acts, the better chance of getting closer for your shot. While no hunting camo will make you invisible, it does offer much more concealment than you would have otherwise. These are super wary and intelligent animals that easily escape, but for those lucky enough to bag one, they are treated to some of the leanest and healthiest meat on the planet. Improve your hunting experience and enhance your chances of putting that big buck in the freezer. Preparing for the whitetail hunt can be overwhelming for first-time hunters and seasoned pros alike, and effective equipment is a key to success. Use apparel with patented electromagnetic blocking that actually blocks your body’s natural electrical emissions, produced from heart rate and muscle movement.

Have a closer encounter than you ever thought possible with a technology that offers visual camouflage and is woven with a carbon grid that’s capable of blocking up to 98% of your natural electromagnetic frequency. Wear clothing that’s lightweight and comfortable for long hunting expeditions. We’re confident you’ll see the significant advantage that you simply cannot get any other way!

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