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When it comes to deer hunting, hunters understand how important it is to stay undetected not only from the deer themselves but also from all the other game that can alert deer to the hunters’ presence. HECS® takes total concealment to a whole new level with our patented, conductive carbon-grid technology that’s woven into all HECS® fabrics.

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Deer Hunting with HECS® Camouflage

When it comes to deer hunting, the unique benefits that HECS® gear provides you are too great to be ignored. No matter whether you are after a reclusive old whitetail buck in the Eastern US, a monster mule deer out West, an ultra-shy blacktail in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, or the grey ghost coues deer in the Southwest desert, staying undetected is paramount to success. All these deer have different traits but the one thing they all have in common is their uncanny ability to sense the presents of danger in their immediate surroundings. Have you ever wondered how that old buck just seemed to know you were there even though you were completely concealed, were totally still and silent, and had the wind in your favor?

The buck is heading your way but then for some unexplained reason, you see him suddenly become more alert. His body language changes and soon he is heading the other way. If you’ve hunted very much at all this scenario has probably played out before your eye countless times. This is the infamous “sixth sense” that
has been frustrating hunters since the dawn of time. Through tedious scientific study, we now have a good understanding of the mechanics of this phenomenon and more importantly a great solution to combat it. Everyone knows all deer species have an exceptional internal compass and we now know that they are actually sensing the extremely low
electromagnetic emissions of the earth to navigate. But only in the past few decades have we also realized that all living beings emit a very similar field through heart rate and muscle movement. Deer also sense these emissions and it is one of the major ways deer tell living beings from inanimate ones. Enter HECS® SteathScreen technology. Simply stated, HECS® patented technology blocks your body’s natural electrical energy signature and makes you seem more like an inanimate object to deer. You still have to hunt smart but with HECS® gear in play, the deer will get closer and stay calmer longer which equates to more and better shot opportunities. Like we always say, HECS® is going to change the way you hunt!

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HECS® Stealthscreen technology is concealment on 2 levels. Not only does HECS® provide visual concealment with our proprietary digital HECStyle camo patterns, but HECS® also conceals on the electrical level as well. No other camo does this, and that is why HECS® is not just camo, it’s True camo! When the wind and other conditions are right, and you get that deer in close, a hunter who is utilizing HECS® technology will typically see a more relaxed animal and they tend to stay in the area for a longer period of time. If they do spot the hunter and he/she stays still and remains quiet, many times the animal will simply look for 30 to 60 seconds then go back to their normal activities instead of the relentless staring and head bobbing that hunters usually see in these situations. With the HECS® advantage, many times the hunter can turn being busted by a deer into a good shot opportunity which is really what we are all after. Hunters have been putting HECS® technology to the test for over 10 years and we have plenty of video footage to show the effectiveness of HECS®
technology! Check out the video section of our website or check out our YouTube channel to fully understand the power of HECS®! HECS® technology may be the biggest game-changer you can add to your hunting toolbox this season! Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for your next deer adventure and experience the HECS® advantage for yourself!

The Advantage of Deer Hunting with HECS® Camo

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How Can HECS® get me closer to deer?

HECS® camo and gear are designed and made for hunters, by hunters. We know what goes into every hunt, which is why we set out to create a product that will improve your experience on every level. You can have a much more successful season this year with HECS® hunting camouflage clothing technology. With a hunting suit system from HECS®, you can have a new advantage you never thought was possible. We provide total camouflage technology including shirts, pants, head covers, gloves, socks, and more. Each HECS® product features our patented carbon grid technology woven right in. Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for your next hunt and experience the HECS® advantage for yourself. More than just camo it’s True camo……..It’s HECS®!