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When it comes to deer hunting, the benefits you get from HECS® gear provides you a hunting experience unlike any other. Deer have a fine-tuned sense of their surroundings and the other creatures they share their environment with. It takes strategy, patience and savvy to hunt them successfully. With HECS® gear, the hunter is actually concealed on two levels, not just the visual level like all other camo. Our patented technology blocks the electrical emissions your body naturally emits, and we now know animals can pick up on it. HECS® Technology makes a totally new kind of hunting experience possible! See why HECS® technology makes our hunting apparel the best deer hunting camo pattern and the best bow hunting camo pattern available.

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Dual-Level Concealment through HECS®

Hunters know how essential it is to conceal themselves from deer and other wildlife that can alert the deer to a hunter’s presence. HECS® hunting apparel takes the idea of concealment to an entirely new level with our patented, conductive carbon-grid technology that’s woven into all HECS® clothing items.

No matter if you have been a deer hunter for most of your life or you’re trying it for the first time, you need every advantage possible to help you be successful. HECS® hunting gear couples the best hunting camo patterns with our exciting and effective technology. Our new HECStyle™ patterns with our patented HECS® conductive carbon grid blocks the electrical impulses you produce through heart rate and muscle movement. HECS® is the only true camo which conceals on both the visual and electronic levels. 

The field-tested and scientifically proven technological advantage of the best deer hunting camo pattern by HECS® is that it blocks the electrical emissions from your body. Deer can sense these fields and use them to identify a living being from an inanimate object. When you’re wearing a HECS® camo system, you’ll have a dual level of concealment. HECS® patented technology, along with our new HECStyle™ visual deer hunting camouflage, delivers a sensational hunting experience. As scientific research provides us with more understanding on the behavior and mechanisms big game animals use to survive, HECS® has been able to take those findings and use them to our customers’ advantage in our patented camo technology.

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Why Does HECS® Technology Make the Best Hunting Camo Pattern Even Better?

What makes HECS® the best camo for hunters? It’s our patented technology that features a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid that’s woven into our clothing. This technology is specifically designed to block your body’s electrical emissions, and when combined with our new HECStyle™ visual camo pattern, provide the ultimate concealment system. HECS® is the only true camo option!

HECS® provides you with another dimension of concealment, and that’s what makes HECS® the best deer hunting camo pattern. Hunters can now blend into their surroundings visually and also be perceived as inanimate by animals on the electrical plane as well. Deer will get closer and stay calm noticeably longer than when using regular hunting camo. This allows you as a hunter a much-improved window of opportunity when the deer are in range.  This is why HECS® technology makes the best bow hunting camo patterns even better. Since 2010, archers have been experiencing the HECS® effect, and you should too!

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The Effect of HECS® Technology With Your Existing Camouflage Patterns

HECS® technology added to your existing camouflage systems can make a tremendous difference. When the wind is right and deer get in close proximity to a hunter wearing HECS® technology, even if HECS® is under your favorite existing camo, they will be much calmer and will typically stay in the area longer. If they do spot the hunter and the hunter stays still and quiet, the animal will typically only look at them for just a short while then go back to their normal behavior. This is a huge advantage and is precisely why HECS® technology makes any camo the best bow hunting camo pattern. Since 2010, hunters around the world have been putting HECS® to the test with amazing results. If you love to bow hunt, you need HECS® technology!

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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Get the Best Hunting Camo Pattern in Time for Your Next Hunt

It’s important to note that HECS® does NOT make you invisible. The deer you’re hunting can still see you, however, without an electrical signature the deer will not perceive you as a living being as easily. HECS® blocks your electrical emissions, which most animals use to verify what they see and sense. 

HECS® provides all the gear a hunter needs, including shirts, pants, gloves, socks and face masks. For the most effective hunt, we recommend at least the basic HECS® system, which consists of a shirt, pants and headcover. These items will stop the majority of your electrical emissions and you need at least these pieces to see over the top results consistently. Whether you wear it on top or under your other gear, you will soon realize that HECS® technology is the missing link in your concealment strategy. Get your HECS® Hunting apparel in time for deer season and experience a hunt like you never have before!