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When it comes to mule deer, hunters know how crucial it is to remain undetected from the mule deer themselves, but also to other animals in the area that might alert the deer to the hunters’ presence. If you’re looking for the best mule deer hunting camouflage, then you should look into HECS®. Our patented, conductive carbon-grid technology is woven into all of our garments, and you’ll find this to be the best concealment for hunting.

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There is something so appealing about hunting, and most hunters will tell you it can be an addictive lifestyle. Even though it doesn’t appeal to everyone, those who do hunt, love everything that goes into it. No matter if you have been hunting mule deer for most of your life or if this is going to be your first time, you’re going to want a successful experience. Our mule deer hunting camouflage clothing and gear are designed to help hunters get closer and remain undetected. This type of concealment wasn’t possible before the HECS® technology.

The field-tested technological advancement of HECS® mule deer hunting camouflage clothing is that it prevents your body’s natural output of electrical emissions. These signals can be picked up on by mammals like mule deer and this is how they can distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects. By donning a HECS® camo system you can stay concealed on multiple levels. With HECS® patented technology and our mule deer camouflage provides you with dual-level concealment both visually and electrically. As more research is being done on animal behavior, HECS® has been using it to improve our patented camouflage systems.

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What Makes HECS® The Best Mule Deer Hunting Apparel?

So, how does the best mule deer hunting camo work? There’s a lot of scientific research that has shaped HECS® into what it is, but it’s easy to break it down. All living creatures emit electrical energy when their muscles contract, and this energy is how animals like mule deer can identify what is a creature and what is an inanimate object. HECS® camouflage systems are more than just a pattern that helps you blend in with your surroundings. Our mule deer camo will block your electrical emissions and make you appear as an inanimate object rather than a living threat.

The specially designed hunting apparel of HECS® contains a patented conductive carbon grid that’s woven into all of our fabrics. To really simplify how this works, look at your microwave door. That grid that lines the door blocks the microwaves and keeps them inside the box to cook your food. We’ve taken that idea and put it into our camouflage. HECS® hunting apparel provides a hunter with visual concealment and electrical concealment. That’s why HECS® is the best mule deer hunting camouflage. By blocking your electrical emissions and providing you with visual concealment, you have a significant advantage when hunting mule deer. Experienced game hunters have noticed the advantages of HECS® hunting apparel, and you can experience them for yourself!

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Gain a New Hunting Experience with HECS®

What does the best mule deer hunting camo from HECS® give you? Simple answer. A new hunting experience. When you’re hunting in HECS®, you’ll notice how calm the mule deer and other animals are when you’re in their presence. You will also notice how you’re more free with your movements than previously before. With the electrical emission blocking technology of HECS®, you’ll be able to get a lot closer than before for the perfect shot. This is what makes HECS® camouflage systems the best mule deer hunting apparel on the market.

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