Why HECS® Technology is the Best Whitetail Deer Hunting Camouflage

The whitetail is America’s deer. More time, effort, and expense are invested in the pursuit of this iconic species than any other game animal in the world. HECS® whitetail deer hunting clothing technology is one component to your hunt that will significantly tip the scales of success in your favor this fall.

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Whitetail hunting seasons vary by region but no matter where they are hunted these elusive deer represent an incredible hunting challenge. With patented HECS® technology imbedded into your whitetail deer hunting camouflage clothing strategy, you will get closer and the deer will stay noticeably calmer than ever before possible.   HECS® patented technology, combined with our new HECStyle whitetail deer hunting camo patterns, yields next-level concealment. Along with visual camouflage patterns, HECS® camouflage clothing also blocks the natural electrical emission from your body. It is proven that whitetail deer can sense these fields and when the electrical signature is removed deer simply stay much calmer

This proven technological advantage means you remained concealed visually and electrically. Only HECS® camo clothing systems can provide you with that critical edge regardless of where you hunt or what type of deer you pursue.   

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Why do so many people hunt whitetail deer? The answer is, of course, going to vary from person to person and region to region. But the one constant is the almost addictive nature of whitetail deer hunting! These are super wary and intelligent animals that are pros at escape but for those lucky enough to bag one, they are treated to some of the leanest and healthiest meat on the planet. HECS® clothing systems will improve your whitetail deer hunting experience and enhance your chances of putting that big buck in the freezer. Preparing for the whitetail hunt can be overwhelming for first-time hunters and seasoned pros alike and effective equipment is a key to success. One of the more recent gear innovations that is helping thousands of hunters become more successful is HECS® SteathScreen technology. The patented technology in HECS® whitetail deer hunting clothing actually blocks your body’s natural electrical emissions produced from heart rate and muscle movement. Whitetails can sense these fields and use them to tell living beings from inanimate objects, and tell when another large living being is in their close proximity. HECS® effectively blocks these fields so the wearer is perceived as being an inanimate object by the deer. While HECS® does not make the user invisible to deer, Hunters will see calmer deer and have closer encounters than they ever thought possible! The technology of the HECS® camouflage system lives in the specialized and fully conductive carbon grid that is woven into each HECS® product. This grid captures 98% of your natural EM emissions. HECS® products are lightweight and can be worn by itself or in conjunction with your other hunting clothing. As long as you are covering the main parts of your body with HECS® hunting camo clothing. you will see the benefit! It doesn’t have to be on the outside layer.

The bottom line is HECS® whitetail hunting clothing will give you a significant advantage in the whitetail woods that you simply cannot get any other way!

HECS® Camo technology is the Edge You Need for Hunting Whitetail Deer

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Hunting Whitetail Deer in the Best Camouflage


Whitetail deer now inhabit almost every state in the USA as well as many parts of Mexico and Canada. Their habitat runs the gamut from thick wooded swamps of the southeast to the high mountains of the rocky mountain west and everything in between. They are highly intelligent and have evolved to survive in large numbers, despite being preyed upon daily by apex predators, such as coyotes, wolves, bears, cougars, and seasonally by man. Because whitetail deer are true survivors, hunting them can be a challenge even for the most seasoned hunter. HECS® deer hunting technology is a 21st century solution to many of the age-old issues that have plagued deer hunters and helped deer escape for centuries. Our camouflage clothing contains a patented grid of conductive carbon yarn woven in a specific grid pattern that effectively blocks up to 95% of your body’s electrical emissions. Those emissions emanate naturally from your beating heart as well as muscle movement.

Whitetail deer can sense the electrical emissions from all living beings in their environment, and they use them to identify living beings from inanimate objects. This, coupled with the visual concealment of our proprietary new HECStyle visual camo pattern gives the hunter who utilizes the HECS® whitetail deer hunting camo system with two levels of concealment. No other concealment option can make this claim and this makes HECS® the clear choice for whitetail deer hunting. Our specially designed camo patterns will help you blend into your visual surroundings while significantly decreasing your detectability on the electrical spectrum. The HECS® advantage will help keep the animals in the area calmer, giving you the best opportunity to close the deal.   

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Experience, time, high-powered rifles, and state-of-the-art bows won’t guarantee you’ll land the buck of a lifetime. It’s not only about getting close to the deer. It’s about concealing your movement and being ignored by all the animals of the forest while you set up for that moment of truth. We can’t make you invisible to your prey, but with HECS® technology added to your hunting clothing can make you significantly less detectable and keep your human imprint to an absolute minimum. Our clothing and accessories are indeed the most significant advancement of total concealment on multiple levels in the past 50 years! It’s not just camo… It’s true camo!… It’s HECS®!