The Best Elk Hunting Camo Has HECS® Technology

The proven technological advantage of our elk hunting camouflage clothing is that it blocks the electrical energy signals from your body. Elk use these signals to differentiate between living beings and inanimate ones, so when using HECS®, you appear as more of an inanimate object rather than a threat.


Elk Hunting Camo Is the Edge You Need for a Better Hunt

Wearing our elk hunting camouflage is beneficial because our patented technology blocks your body’s natural electrical energy, minimizing your appearance as a threat, keeping elk and other animals from reacting to your presence. Because HECS® technology blocks your electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), you are able to get significantly closer to your prey, increasing your accuracy whether using a bow or rifle. When scouting before the hunting season, wearing HECS® hunting camo can be a considerable advantage to keep the animals’ awareness of you to a minimum, and ensure the elk you’ve searched out will still be there when the season opens.

HECS® technology is incorporated into our elk hunting camo and is quickly becomes one of the most highly sought after equipment advantages because it performs as advertised and exceeds expectations. Our gear can’t make you a better hunter, but it can allow you to get closer to wild animals, paving the way for that high percentage shot at the bull of your dreams.

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Why Is Elk Hunting Popular?

Why do so many people participate in the elk hunting season? Elk is among the most challenging animals on the planet to hunt, because they are bigger, stronger, faster and more elusive than deer. Hunting elk while wearing our patented hunting camo helps you to “hide in plain sight,” allowing you to get closer and improve your shot distance.

All HECS® clothing and accessories have revolutionary technology woven into the fabric. It’s the only hunting camouflage on the market that encapsulates you in an energy-blocking conductive carbon grid that helps the game stay calm, allowing you to make your way closer. In most states, an elk hunter’s success rate is under 20 percent. Be on the right side of those statistics by wearing elk hunting camouflage that conceals you visually and blocks your EMFs.

Do I Need Elk Hunting Camouflage?

HECS olive anywhere system

Our clothing contains a patented and proven grid of conductive carbon yarn woven in a specific pattern. The carbon yarn blocks your body’s electrical energy emissions from your heart rate and especially muscle movement. Elk have a “sixth sense,” which means they can sense the electrical emissions from all living beings in their environment, and they use them to identify living beings from inanimate objects. The grid of conductive carbon yarn, coupled with the visual concealment of our proprietary new HECStyle™ elk hunting camo print, provides the hunter with two levels of concealment, which makes HECS® twice as effective as any other hunting clothing on the market. Our new digital camo patterns will help you blend into your visual surroundings while significantly decreasing your detectability on the electrical spectrum. It would help if you still used sound elk hunting tactics, but when you do get close to that bull, the HECS® advantage will help keep all the animals in the area calmer, giving you the best opportunity to close the deal.

HECS® elk hunting camouflage can provide you with a critical edge when it comes to elk hunting, regardless of where you hunt or what subspecies you pursue.

It’s not just camo… It’s true camo!…It’s HECS®!

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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With the advantage that comes from wearing HECS® elk hunting camo clothing, you will appear more like an inanimate object to wildlife, and even the slow movements of raising your gun or drawing your bow will be much more possible. Like a branch blowing in the wind, elk won’t perceive you as a threat. Our clothing and accessories are the most significant advantage for an elk hunter who wants to increase their success. Practice, time, expensive equipment, high-powered guns, and bows that cost a fortune cannot guarantee that you will have a successful hunt. Getting closer to the animal isn’t the only factor when hunting elk — it’s all about concealing your movement and being ignored in that moment of truth. Fortunately, HECS® elk hunting camouflage clothing can help you solve many of these issues, making your dream of a trophy bull much closer to reality.