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To understand what makes our technology the best hunting camo, let’s discuss turkey vision for a moment. Scientific studies have proven that birds can actually see the electromagnetic field from the earth and from other living beings. Every time you move, a spike of electrical energy from your muscles confirms to the bird that your movement is from a living being. This electrical energy output instantly draws the attention of birds like turkeys, making it difficult to hunt them successfully. This type of energy is only emitted from living beings, so when the bird sees this energy in association with any movement, they react instinctively, and this makes hunting them very difficult.

HECS® camo is created from technology that is far more advanced than just visual camo. Our turkey hunting clothing blocks your body’s naturally occurring electrical energy, making your movements appear more like inanimate movement, which the turkey will generally ignore. HECS® camouflage clothing and technology is undeniably one of the biggest game changers in the turkey hunting!

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As far as wild animals go, turkeys are intelligent and aware of humans. With their keen eyesight, they’re very cautious creatures, and they’re able to detect even the smallest amount of movement. The turkey’s legendary eyesight does have one very important difference from ours – they see the EMF given off by living beings through heart beat and muscle movement. They rely on this part of their vision to identify danger from living predators including hunters. These attributes make hunting them fun and an incredible challenge. Turkey hunters have long considered total camouflage an essential tool for the successful pursuit of these wary birds. However, no visual camouflage pattern has ever been able to overcome the turkey’s ability to decipher movement.

Enter HECS® camo systems! Our technology is more than just a visual camo pattern. HECS® camouflage fabric contains a patented electrically conductive carbon grid which is sized and shaped to block your body’s electrical energy, providing not only visual concealment, but electrical concealment as well. By blocking these fields, the hunter gains a significant advantage that was never available before HECS® turkey hunting camouflage.

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What Makes This the Best Turkey Hunting Camo?

This is the big difference with HECS® hunting camouflage — when your electrical emissions are blocked, the bird only sees the hunter as an inanimate object, and slow movement is possible. Without HECS®, even the slightest movement simply isn’t possible without alerting a turkey. Since turkey hunters are required to use short-range weapons in most areas, the hunter must minimize the distance between themselves and the prey to be effective and successful. Whether you are using a shotgun or a bow and arrow, getting close enough to the birds for an effective shot is a challenge. Spring is the turkey’s annual mating season, making it the prime time that the turkey hunter thrives on. At this particular time of year, male turkeys are actively pursuing and displaying for prospective hens. Wearing our dual-concealment hunting camo will allow you to get closer to the turkeys, increasing your opportunity for a successful hunt.

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HECS® camo and gear is designed and made for hunters, by hunters. We know what goes into every hunt, which is why we set out to create a product that will improve your experience on every level. You can have a much more successful season this year with HECS® turkey hunting camouflage clothing technology. With a hunting suit system from HECS®, you can have a new advantage you never thought was possible. We provide total camouflage technology, including shirts, pants, headcovers, gloves, socks and more. Each HECS® product features our patented carbon grid technology woven right in. Get your HECS® Stealthscreen™ gear in time for turkey season and experience the HECS® advantage for yourself.