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Hunters are always looking for that extra edge. The patented technology in HECS camouflage clothing gives waterfowl hunters an incredible advantage by using proven science to capitalize on how birds actually see their world. All waterfowl have incredible vison and they can even see extreme low frequency energy fields visually. They use this ability for navigation as well as a defense mechanism. HECS technology removes this ability from the birds and allows experiences you simply have to see to believe!   

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How Can HECS® Camo Make Your next Waterfowl Hunt More Successful?

No matter what species of waterfowl you hunt or what part of the country you hunt them in, the advantages that HECS® camo systems provide you are too insurmountable to be ignored. Ducks geese and other waterfowl are extremely wary and their eyesight and ability to pick out even the slightest flaw in your setup is legendary. What many bird hunters don’t realize is that birds also see visually, the extreme low-frequency energy fields that are emitted by all living beings through heart rate and muscle movement. Simply put if your movement has an electrical field associated with it the bird instantly knows that it is “living movement” and will react defensively. Take away that electrical field and your movement is not perceived as living. Like grass blowing in the wind. HECS® blocks your electrical emissions from incoming birds which means you can move more and you need less natural concealment. HECS users will notice that birds come in more consistently and confidently and don’t flare when you raise your gun to provide much easier shooting.  It’s more than your average camouflage, HECS® is a proven technology that will put more birds in the bag!

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How Can HECS® Get Me Closer to Waterfowl?

Waterfowl hunting is one of the most exiting types of hunting, however these birds are wary and can be very difficult to get into you decoy spread especially after the pressure of hunting season has sharpened their senses to a razor edge. Typically hunters using regular waterfowl gear without HECS know to be successful they must be fully concealed in good quality layout blinds or thick underbrush and above all they must stay perfectly still. Even then many times the birds will “see something they don’t like” and flair away leaving the hunter puzzled and frustrated. This is because even when holding perfectly still the hunter is emitting extreme low frequency electrical energy that is created by the heart and other natural body functions. To the birds you are a dull glow and unless you are completely concealed in a blind or by some other structure you will stand out easily from the other surroundings regardless of how good your visual camo is. When you move this causes massive spikes in your electrical emission and it’s like shining a flashlight in the eyes of the birds and they instinctually and instantly react.       

Enter HECS® Stealthscreen technology! Our technology is more than just a visual camo pattern. HECS® camouflage fabric contains a patented electrically conductive carbon grid which is sized and shaped to block your body’s electrical emissions, providing not only visual concealment (if you are wearing it as an outside layer) but more importantly, electrical concealment as well. By blocking these fields, the hunter gains a significant advantage that was never available before HECS®. With HECS you will get more birds into your set and they will come closer and commit harder to your decoys. Also you will have much easier shots on birds that simply don’t see your movement the same way. 

It is important to make sure your entire crew is outfitted in HECS to see the maximum benefits but once they see the HECS effect in action no one in your party will ever want to hunt without it! 

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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Why Do HECS® Camo Patterns Improve Your Waterfowl Hunt? 

This is the big difference with HECS® Stealthscreen — when your electrical emissions are blocked, the bird sees the hunter more as an inanimate object and closer approaches and slow movement is completely possible. Without HECS®, even the slightest movement simply isn’t possible without alerting the birds.  Since waterfowl hunters use short-range weapons, the hunter must minimize the distance between themselves and the prey to be effective and successful.

Whether you are using a shotgun or a bow and arrow, getting the birds in close enough for a high percentage first shot and multiple follow up shots on the other birds in the flock is the difference between an average day and an epic day. No matter whether you have HECS on under your other clothing or on top the advantage of HECS StealthScreen Waterfowl hunting technology is quite simply a game changer that will put more birds on the ground!

Best Performing Waterfowl Camo

Hunting waterfowl requires a lot of gear and a novice can easily become overwhelmed when it comes to the hunting essentials. Aside from a gun and ammunition or a bow and arrows, the next most importing item a hunter needs is good quality clothing and camouflage. HECS® technology is two-fold. Not only does it block electromagnetic radiation emissions, it is incredibly lightweight. Each suit is made from soft, comfortable fabric that is highly functional in the field. It can be worn next to the body or as a shell, and because it is lightweight, there is no added bulk to impede your movement or create excessive noise.

HECS® clothing provides you with a full range of motion with our technology woven into the fabric. Our three-piece waterfowl hunting suit comes complete with a shirt, pants and head cover, which features an electrically conductive carbon grid woven into the polyester base cloth. This unique capability blocks your body’s electrical radiation and allows you to get closer to animals.

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HECS® camo and gear is designed and made for hunters, by hunters. We know what goes into every hunt, which is why we set out to create a product that will improve your experience on every level. You can have a much more successful season this year with HECS® hunting camo clothing technology. With a hunting suit system from HECS®, you can have a new advantage you never thought was possible. We provide total camouflage technology including shirts, pants, head covers, gloves, socks, and more. Each HECS® product features our patented carbon grid technology woven right in. Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for your next hunt and experience the HECS advantage for yourself.

More than just camo its True camo……..Its HECS!