HECS®Hunting Suit Review: A Detailed Expose Devoid of Prejudice

You’re probably here because you need an honest, comprehensive hecs hunting suit review. You’ve come to the right place! If you’re a new hunter, the most significant agenda in the field is concealment. However, some camo garments are better than others, and that’s where this hecs suit review comes into the picture. Unlike most other…

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Checking In With Mike Slinkard From HECS®

Almost three years ago, I did an interview with Mike Slinkard, the President of HECS® Stealthscreen. A week or two ago I was watching his show on the Pursuit Channel and thought it might be cool to check in with him. As always, I’d like to thank Mike for taking time to answer my questions.…

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AARDVARK Partners with HECS®

AARDVARK is excited to announce its new partnership with HECS.  Effective immediately, AARDVARK will act as the sole domestic Law Enforcement and Military provider of the HECS®product line. When asked about this new partnership, AARDVARK’s CEO Jon Becker stated “AARDVARK is thrilled to be able to introduce such an innovative technology to our Law Enforcement and Military clients. 

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Animal Planet Greenlights New Series ‘Extinct or Alive’

The show follows a wildlife adventurer and biologist as he explores the real stories behind animals thought to be gone forever and tries to prove their existence so he can help them thrive again. Animal Planet has ordered a new series that asks whether animals thought to be extinct really are. Extinct or Alive, set to debut June 10, posits that the methods used to declare a species extinct are not as foolproof as people might assume.

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Daring filmmakers swim with crocodiles

Bold filmmakers have swum with crocodiles wearing nothing but flimsy wetsuits designed to convince the animals that the divers are reptiles. The daring wildlife enthusiasts wear the special suits that mimic the crocodile’s scaly skin and block the body’s electrical current so they can capture the reptile’s natural behaviour.

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Underwater invisibility cloak

Wetsuit prevents sharks and other fish from detecting tiny electrical signals from divers’ muscles. When swimming in the open ocean, your every movement gives off invisible signals to the fish and sea creatures around you to betray your presence.

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HECS® Aquatic Awarded Most Innovative Product at Deepex

HECS®Aquatic, a leader in concealment technology for the dive industry is today announced Most Innovative Product of the Year 2016 at DEEPEX.

DEEPEX is a world-renowned spearfishing & freediving event in Athens Greece with interactive participation of visitors and exhibitors. Held in March, 25-27 2016, DEEPEX draws dive enthusiasts from USA, Europe and Australia.

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HECS® Stealthscreen Suit – Become Invisible

I will be the first one to admit I am a gadget guy, and by that admission, I must also admit I am always over eager to try out the new “gimmick” products. Granted, a lot of them turn out to be just that, a gimmick. But every once in a blue moon, there is…

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HECS® Camo…Scam or Secret Weapon?

There’s been quite a bit of controversy around whether the HECS®suit actually works or if it is just another scam attempting to separate hunters from their money. Before I got this camo I was on the fence leaning toward the assumption that it most definitely was a scam. My wife apparently thought otherwise and ordered it…

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Gear Review: HECS®Stealthscreen

We’ve all been there before—woke up before the crack of dawn, climbed into our tree stands to get settled in for your big hunt ahead, waited patiently for any activity, and quickly gotten busted by the first deer that made its way towards your stand. Off he runs, waving his tail goodbye, and you sit…

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HECS®Hunting Suit – A Collection of Consumer Reviews

I am not the only one who has had great luck with the HECS®hunting suit. A good friend of mine in Idaho who also happens to be a taxidermist has been an avid promoter of the technology utilized in the HECS®products. He was kind enough to provide me with a testimonial and a photo of his…

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Rick’s Pick: HECS®STEALTHSCREEN Garments

HECS®STEALTHSCREEN hit the market a few years ago and I must admit that I had my doubts whether this product actually worked. I usually will field test a product extensively before I put my name on it and make it a part of my column. So I got a suit and started wearing it to see…

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Gear Review – HECS®‘STEALTHSCREEN’ Garments

About once every generation, a new product comes out that completely changes the way we hunt. Some give us a new advantage, some let us hunt a different way, some turn weekend warriors into overnight hunting sensations, but few completely change everything. HECS®is one that truly changes the game! HECS®STEALTHSCREEN technology is not a new revelation;…

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Getting Deadly Close to Turkey

I have been turkey hunting for close to thirty years from the East coast, to Iowa and the prairies of Nebraska and the mountains of Montana. I primarily use archery equipment for these birds but have taken a shotgun to the field on rare occasions. I have had some good hunts and some not so…

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