Checking In With Mike Slinkard From HECS®

Almost three years ago, I did an interview with Mike Slinkard, the President of HECS® Stealthscreen. A week or two ago I was watching his show on the Pursuit Channel and thought it might be cool to check in with him. As always, I’d like to thank Mike for taking time to answer my questions.…

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AARDVARK Partners with HECS®

AARDVARK is excited to announce its new partnership with HECS.  Effective immediately, AARDVARK will act as the sole domestic Law Enforcement and Military provider of the HECS®product line. When asked about this new partnership, AARDVARK’s CEO Jon Becker stated “AARDVARK is thrilled to be able to introduce such an innovative technology to our Law Enforcement and Military clients. 

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Animal Planet Greenlights New Series ‘Extinct or Alive’

The show follows a wildlife adventurer and biologist as he explores the real stories behind animals thought to be gone forever and tries to prove their existence so he can help them thrive again. Animal Planet has ordered a new series that asks whether animals thought to be extinct really are. Extinct or Alive, set to debut June 10, posits that the methods used to declare a species extinct are not as foolproof as people might assume.

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HECS®: Fact or Myth?

It is scientific fact that humans and animals alike emit electromagnetic fields and these fields are spiked by any muscle movement including the large muscle groups such as arm and leg muscles and also very notably the heart. It is now known that many animals are able to sense slight changes in their electrical environment.…

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Daring filmmakers swim with crocodiles

Bold filmmakers have swum with crocodiles wearing nothing but flimsy wetsuits designed to convince the animals that the divers are reptiles. The daring wildlife enthusiasts wear the special suits that mimic the crocodile’s scaly skin and block the body’s electrical current so they can capture the reptile’s natural behaviour.

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