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To purchase the full HECS® System you choose your shirt and pant size, headcover included.

  • XX-Small/Youth 10/12: WAIST: 24-27” | CHEST: 36-38″
  • X-Small/Youth 14/16: WAIST: 27-30 | CHEST: 38-40″
  • Small: WAIST: 30-32” | CHEST: 40-42″
  • Medium: WAIST: 32–34″ | CHEST: 42-44″
  • Large: WAIST: 34–37″ | CHEST: 44-46″
  • X-Large: WAIST: 37-40″ | CHEST: 46-50″
  • XX-Large: WAIST: 40-42″ | CHEST: 50-52″
  • 3X-Large: WAIST: 42-44″ | CHEST: 52-56″
  • 4X-Large: WAIST: 44-46″ | CHEST: 56-60″

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Choose your shirt size


Choose your pant size.


HECSTYLE™ Anywhere



Comes complete with pants, long-sleeve shirt and head cover when purchased in the HECS® Baselayer System.

When the temperatures drop, the HECS base layer system is the perfect item for added insulation while gaining the unprecedented HECS advantage. The HECS Anywhere base layer system is a high-quality, semi-thermal garment that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you warmer on those cooler mornings. Of course, like all HECS products, the Anywhere High-Performance Base Layer System has the patented HECS grid woven right in.

This Base Layer System is the game-changer you’ve been looking for to attain next-level concealment.

What Makes the HECS Anywhere High-Performance Base Layer System Special

  • HECS Conductive Carbon Fiber Grid — patented technology blocks your body’s natural bioelectrical signature that animals use to detect your presence.
  • Semi-thermal Technology — premium quality, the lightweight thermal fabric adds that little bit of warmth to keep you comfortable in the wild.
  • High-Performance Wicking Fabric — fabric designed to wick moisture off your skin to keep you warm and dry
  • High-Quality Fabric — made with 77% polyester, 15% conductive carbon, and 8% spandex
  • Top: quarter-zip “henley” style shirt with thumbholes and surge stitching
  • Bottom: high-quality elastic waistband, convenient fly, and form-fitting design for the ultimate in comfort
  • Headcover with hemmed eyehole and drawstring adjustment for ease and accessibility on-the-go
  • Machine Washable — wash as normal with your favorite hunting detergents. (HECS does not recommend Ozone dry wash systems)

Get Closer to Wildlife Than Ever Before

As an outdoor enthusiast, you love to get up close and personal with wildlife. But, alerting animals to your presence is a very real obstacle to immersing yourself in the beauty and silence of nature.

That’s why you need every advantage possible when trying to remain undetected from an animal’s sharp senses. And this includes lowering or blocking your natural bioelectric signature. The fact is that visual camo alone is not enough! Instead, opt for total camo on multiple levels with HECS.

Once your natural bioelectric signature is blocked by the HECStyle Anywhere Base Layer System, you’ll see calmer game and be able to get in closer than you could without HECS technology. So go ahead and push the limits and just see what is possible with HECS technology in your arsenal — your slow, silent motion will remain less detectable and you will get away with more. Preferred by wildlife professionals and trusted by outdoorsmen since 2010, HECS technology is the trusted companion of thousands of outdoorsmen all over the world. Harness the HECS advantage for yourself and see just how close you can get on your next outing.

The HECStyle Anywhere camouflage is an exceptional addition to the High-Performance Base Layer System. The colors and unique pattern blends in with almost any outdoor terrain to add a visual camouflage component to the electrical camo embedded in the HECS fabric itself. Prepare yourself for a total, multi-level concealment system that is unlike any other. Also the HECS base layer can be worn under your favorite hunting camo as well. The technology works either way.

Whether you are on that once-in-a-lifetime hunt or simply enjoy a leisurely walk through your local woodlot, HECS technology will help you to build memories that are unmatched in nature with any other technology.

Premium Quality Helps You Stay Warmer in Cooler Temps
Adding a high-quality lightweight semi-thermal garment that effectively wicks moisture away from the skin can be the difference between a comfortable hunt and an exercise in frustration.

The HECS base layer system works perfectly with the other parts of your thermal layering system and, at the same time, delivers on the unmatched advantage of patented HECS technology.

The high-performance moisture-wicking fabric is also designed to keep you dry. Even in cold weather, it is easy to sweat when you’re bundled up. Wearing moisture-wicking fabric under your outer layers keeps you safe and regulates your body heat.

When you order our lightweight base layering system, you order the specific size you need for each piece. This close fit ensures comfort from top to bottom. Additionally, each part of the Base Layer System comes with unique features that let you get the most out of your outdoor experience.

The base layer top is a quarter zip Henley design and comes with thumb-holes on the sleeves so it is easy to keep your sleeves in place when adding other clothing over it. It also features surge stitching for added durability.

The base layer pant features an elastic waistband that prevents uncomfortable pinching and will stay in place, so you can stay comfortable all day long.

Lastly, the headcover is adjustable and features a hemmed eye hole and adjustable drawstring in the back to ensure all-day comfort and versatility.

When you order the HECStyle Anywhere High-Performance Base Layer Systems, you are guaranteed a high-quality product that will give you everything you expect in a great base layer plus the patented HECS technological advantage. Get yourself a system today and experience the HECS difference firsthand.

    • Includes top, pants and head cover*
    • HECS® conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into base layer fabric
    • High-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry
    • 77% poly 15% conductive carbon 8% spandex
    • Top: quarter-zip neck, articulated shoulders, HECS® logo
  • Bottom: Logo waistband and adjustable fly
  • Machine washable
  • U.S.A Technology