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HECStyle Anywhere Hat

The HECS Hunting Cap in the HECStyle “Anywhere” camo is the perfect addition to your hunting gear. With its specialty STEALTHSCREEN material, this cap is lightweight, extremely comfortable, and features HECS technology designed to block the natural electrical emissions from the top of your head. If you’re a hunter searching for the ideal hat – look no further.

The Ideal Outdoor Companion

  • Patented HECS Conductive Carbon Fiber Grid —is woven into the fabric to block natural electrical emissions
  • HECStyle camo blends into most outdoor environments for visual camouflage
  • Comfortable — one-size-fits-all baseball-style cap
  • Velcro Strap — easily adjust hat for proper size
  • Flexible Brim — adjust brim to your liking to keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Lightweight — polyester fabric

EMR Blocking Technology

All living beings, including people, emit this energy through our normal bodily functions such as heart rate and digestion — and these emissions are spiked with any muscle movement. Additionally, animals, birds, and fish can sense these emissions and use movement to distinguish between living beings and inanimate objects or landscape features. The good news? HECS blocks these emissions so you can get close.

Like all HECS products, the Anywhere camo hat features our patented HECS conductive carbon fiber grid woven right into the fabric. Much like the door of your microwave oven, this grid blocks the electrical energy from escaping that part of your body and makes you less detectable by wildlife.

The HECS cap is a great addition to any full HECS system. Its added layer of HECS concealment technology  coupled with its incredible comfort and versatility make it ideal for hunters, hikers, wildlife photographers, bird watchers, or throw it on just for everyday wear.

As any hunter or photographer will attest, the best stories, photos, and trophies happen when you are up close and personal with wildlife. Whether you’re after the trophy of a lifetime or generally enjoy nature, the HECStyle anywhere cap is the perfect companion.

Hunters know that the most memorable hunts are those with ultra-close wildlife encounters. Close encounters not only aid greatly in your success but also live forever in your dreams. Get a full HECS system and top it off with the HECStyle anywhere camo hat. Because once you experience the HECS advantage you will never again go afield without it!

Stay Hidden From Wildlife

Combining HECS patented technology with the proven digital visual camo of the HECStyle Anywhere camo pattern, you can now blend in with nature on a level that was never possible before HECS’s introduction to the hunting scene in 2010. When animals see you as an inanimate object, rather than a living threat, the difference is notable and the encounters more frequent and closer than ever before!

The Anywhere camo hat features the best digital visual camo pattern, with shades and hues designed to blend in with almost any natural background. Combined with HECS technology, you’ll be able to take advantage of 21st century, multi-level concealment. No other camo even comes close!

Top Off Your Outdoor Adventures With the HECS Advantage

The key to any successful outdoor adventure is to get ultra-close and stay undetected as long as possible. Topping off your HECS camo system with the HECStyle Anywhere hat equips you with all the advantages and comfort you need when you’re trying to close the deal. Pair the hat with any of our HECS systems including:

  • HECS Anywhere Hooded System
  • HECS Adventure Wear System
  • HECS Anywhere Base Layer System
  • HECS Anywhere Basic Lightweight System

Experience the beauty of nature the way it was intended — undisturbed and without intrusion. The super-comfortable HECStyle Anywhere hat is the perfect addition to any HECS system — and the right way to start your outdoor adventure!