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To purchase the full HECS® System you choose your shirt and pant size, headcover included.

  • XX-Small/Youth 10/12: WAIST: 24–27″ | CHEST: 36-38″
  • X-Small/Youth 14/16: WAIST: 27-30″ | CHEST: 38-40″
  • Small: WAIST: 30-32″ | CHEST: 40-42″
  • Medium: WAIST: 32–34″ | CHEST: 42-44″
  • Large: WAIST: 34–37″ | CHEST: 44-48″
  • X-Large: WAIST: 37–40″ | CHEST: 48-50″
  • XX-Large: WAIST: 40–44″ | CHEST: 50–52″
  • 3X-Large: WAIST: 44–48″ | CHEST: 52–56″
  • 4X-Large: WAIST: 48–52″ | CHEST: 56–60″
  • 5X-Large: WAIST: 52–56″ | CHEST: 60–64″

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HECSTYLE™ Anywhere



Comes complete with pants, long-sleeve shirt and head cover when purchased in the HECS®System.

There’s nothing quite as magical as the silence you hear in the woods — but noisy, clunky camouflage gear can ruin the moment and scare wildlife away. That’s why you need the HECS Anywhere Lightweight Hunting System, which will keep you covered in any hunting situation. Unbelievably lightweight, fully breathable, and completely silent as you move, the HECS advantage is the perfect combination of science and design.

High-Quality Features that Improve Your Outdoor Experience

  • HECS Conductive Carbon Fiber Grid — breakthrough technology in outdoor gear that blocks your body’s natural bioelectric signal
  • Camouflaged — using HECS improved design, you can hide from wildlife in several climates
  • Versatile fit this system is a looser fitting option that can be worn over or under other clothing or all by itself in hot weather.
  • Comfortable and silent — made with 86% polyester and 14% conductive carbon
  • Lightweight — the entire outfit weighs less than two pounds
  • Top: Full-cut Shirt features thumb holes, elastic logo collar, and breast pocket.
  • Bottoms: Pants are cut similar to sweatpants, featuring a heavy-duty elastic waistband, hemmed cuffs, and side pockets.
  • Headcover: super lightweight, with a hemmed eye hole and drawstring adjustment in the back for ultimate comfort and versatility.
  • Machine Washable — wash with your favorite hunting detergent (not recommended for ozone dry wash systems)

Be One with Nature

There’s nothing quite like walking through a field or hiking through woods and realizing — you get to witness nature undisturbed! Wearing the HECStyle Anywhere Lightweight System can get you there, keeping you undetected on a level never before attainable and enabling you to experience nature in a brand new way. 

Featuring the patented HECS StealthScreen technology, our lightweight system keeps you undetectable on the electrical level which will enable closer more natural interaction with wildlife.

Visual camo alone is not enough! To achieve true concealment on multiple levels you must blend in visually and remain electrically neutral.

When you wear the HECStyle Anywhere Lightweight System, you’re giving yourself the ultimate advantage. A power conductive carbon grid woven right through the fabric blocks your body’s electrical emission, so animals are more likely to see you as an inanimate object and less of a threat. With HECS technology in play, top-level hunters see more success and more consistently close encounters than ever before. Closer longer encounters mean more tags filled, better wildlife photographs, or just a safer more satisfying outdoor experience.

Top-of-the-Line Comfort Features

All-day comfort is not a luxury: It is a necessity. The HECStyle Anywhere Lightweight System is top-of-the-line hunting and hiking gear because of its carefully crafted design. As you explore the great outdoors the lightweight construction and breathable material of this HECS system will keep you silent and comfortable under any conditions.

When you order the HECStyle Anywhere Lightweight System, you can select your shirt, pants, and headcover sizes separately so you get all the correct vital components. Get a complete, comfortable, and high-performance system as you trek, hike, hunt, and explore the field. 

The Anywhere Lightweight System is 86% polyester and 14% conductive carbon making it soft, flexible, breathable, and highly functional. You can wear your Anywhere System underneath your favorite camo over the top or all by itself. Either way, HECS StealthScreen technology works consistently to block your energy signature. 

With hemmed cuffs, a heavy-duty elastic waistband, a convenient fly, and side pockets, you will find that the HECStyle Anywhere lightweight pant is extremely comfortable and versatile enough for any hunting situation. 

The HECStyle Anywhere shirt features thumbholes for ease of use, a full comfortable cut, and a breast pocket for storing small items.

Finally, the headcover completes the suit and features a drawstring adjustment in the back for complete versatility. 

This system is our most essential system, putting HECS technology on the map since we first revolutionized outdoor clothing in 2010. And while filling tags comes down to a combination of skill and luck, there’s one thing that’s certain: HECS will change the way you hunt!


Ultra-lightweight, breathable HECS® Stealthscreen™ fabric

  • 86% polyester 14% conductive carbon
  • Top: cuffed neck and sleeves with thumb-hole
  • Bottom: premium elastic waistband, hemmed cuffs and adjustable fly
  • Adjustable headcover is lightweight and comfortable
  • Wear as outer layer or undergarment

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable with your favorite laundry detergent
  • Hang dry for longest life or dry on low heat for 5 minutes
  • Hand wash and hang dry headcover
  • Safe to use with scent sprays and insect repellent sprays