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Enjoy your hunting and wildlife experiences in the cooler weather conditions with HECStyle Green-Hooded system, designed to keep you comfortable, warm, and less detectable. The HECStyle Green-Hooded System contains both hoodie style shirt and pant. The integrated face cover built into the hood completes your basic system.

Our Hooded shirt system blocks the natural energy that your body naturally produces and makes you less detectable by animals birds and fish. The outdoor industry is more than ready for a technological upgrade, and we’re leading the way with our one-of-a-kind HECS patented technology suitable for any outdoor activity.

High-Tech Semi-Thermal Base Layer fit pant for Warmth & Mobility

  • HECS® Patented conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into the HECS fabric
  • High-tech fabric wicks moisture away from your body and keeps you dry
  • Machine washable and dryable on low heat with your favorite hunting detergent

Patented HECS Fabric Technology

HECS® makes the HECStyle Green Hooded System with base layer pant with its patented technology, featuring a conductive carbon fiber grid. This technology blocks your electrical signature, so animals perceive you more like an inanimate object.

When you move, your body releases electrical energy from your heart and basic bodily functions, as well as any muscle movements. Animals, birds, and fish can sense these “living” energy fields and use them to detect potential danger.

When an animal senses danger, it becomes increasingly difficult to have a successful hunt, take a beautiful photo, or simply observe animals in their natural habitat. The Green Hooded shirt and base layer pant system make it possible for you to block your natural energy emissions and get closer to wildlife.

The technology blocks energy using the proven Faraday Cage principle that works like the grid in your microwave oven door that blocks those energy waves. With HECS®, animals cannot sense your bioelectric signature, meaning that you will have the ultimate, one-of-a-kind multi-level camo system for your next hunt or outdoor experience.

Testing consistently shows that HECS’s conductive carbon fiber grid allows you to get closer to game animals and see a more natural interaction with wildlife.

High-Performance Wicking Material

We made the Green high-performance base layer pant and hooded shirt system to withstand cooler temperatures. It has a moisture-wicking material designed to keep your body warmer in cool temperatures while keeping dampness at bay. The integrated face cover keeps your face protected and comfortable, and the hoodie’s pocket can store small hunting gear.

The HECStyle Green high-performance hooded shirt and base layer pant system is made of the highest quality of polyester, conductive carbon, and spandex.

The hooded shirt is designed to be worn as an outer layer or under other more insulated gear in the coldest temperatures. The base layer pants are form-fitting and designed to be worn under other hunting pants in most situations. Together with HECS® technology, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the ultimate concealment system on your next outing.

Multifunctional & Adjustable for Comfort

We make the HECS base layer pant and hooded shirt system with sustainably sourced materials that block the natural energy waves found in all living beings.

The HECS base layer pant and hooded shirt system are perfect for aggressive hiking, short adventures afield, or just sitting and enjoying being closer to wildlife.

Our multifunctional design is versatile enough for nearly any outdoor activity and the soft, breathable integrated face mask ensures that you have an easy time popping up the additional extra coverage when you need it. Coupled with HECS® technology, you’ll be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

This system provides the ultimate outdoor comfort with a fit that suits you best. The conductive fiber grid and serged stitching keep you warm and comfortable. For the pants, shirt, and integrated face cover, choose individual pieces from a full range of sizes from Small to 4X Large, so you can have a proper fit.

Add HECS Technology to Your Hunting System for the only multi-level Concealment available

When you have the HECStyle Green-Hooded system, you’re ready for any outdoor activity. You can wear HECS by itself but most users choose to add a HECS® system to their existing hunting gear. Worn under or over, HECS® technology is effective either way. Hunt like a pro or enjoy nature the way it was meant to be with HECS’s sophisticated, 21st-century concealment technology that’s unparalleled in our industry. HECS® will help you to get closer to animals and remain undetected longer and that is a key factor in being successful in the field.

HECS thoughtfully designs several different systems of shirt, pant, and head cover products as well as accessory items like gloves, socks, and specialty face coverings and outer wear so you can customize your gear to best fit your personal needs. As long as you are covering as much of the body as possible with HECS® technology you’ll be able to enjoy the patented HECS advantage!


  • HECS® conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into fabric
  • High-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry
  • Integrated face cover, thumbholes, and hoodie pocket
  • Machine washable with your favorite laundry detergent | Click Here for care and warranty information
  • Hang dry for longest life or dry on low heat for 5 minutes


The HECS® hunting base layer is designed to be a layer you wear under your hunting clothes for the colder temperatures.

This high performance hunting base layer from HECS® gives hunters a full range of mobility while keeping them warm. Our hunting base layer system is designed with the famous, patented HECS® technology that blocks the natural wavelengths our bodies put off.

The pants are form fitting and have serge stitching throughout them.

The HECS® difference is our patented technology. Our clothing is made to block the electrical energy that our bodies naturally put off. Animals, birds and fish use this energy for migration purposes and to sense their surroundings. This technology is commonly found on the doors of an average microwave (which is put in place for our safety). At HECS®, this type of technology is woven into our fabrics and allows you to get closer to wildlife.

  • HECS® conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into base layer fabric
  • High-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry
  • 77% poly 15% conductive carbon 8% spandex
  • Bottom: Logo waistband and adjustable fly
  • Machine washable
  • U.S.A Technology


HECS® now offers individual product items that previously required a 3-piece suit bundle for all of your replacement needs.

With our patented technology, you’ll gain a different experience when hunting. Our hunting clothing is extremely comfortable, flexible and highly functional when you’re out in the field. You’ll have a full range of motion with its flexible fabric and you won’t feel bogged down because of its lightweight construction. HECS® has made a name for itself with many outdoor enthusiasts.

HECS®’s hunting camouflage combo is lightweight, breathable and extremely versatile for hunters. This hunting camouflage combo is made with a unique material. It features an electrically conductive carbon grid woven into the polyester base cloth. What this does is it blocks your body’s electrical radiation and allows you to get closer to animals. HECS® technology requires all 3 pieces of the suit to be worn at the same time to fully block your body’s electrical radiation.

The pants have a similar cut to sweatpants. They feature an elastic waistband, elastic cuffs, side pockets and a convenient fly.


Ultra-lightweight, breathable HECS® Stealthscreen™ fabric

  • 86% polyester 14% conductive carbon
  • Bottom: premium elastic waistband, hemmed cuffs and adjustable fly
  • Wear as outer layer or undergarment

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable with your favorite laundry detergent
  • Hang dry for longest life or dry on low heat for 5 minutes
  • Safe to use with scent sprays and insect repellent sprays