Improve Your Turkey Hunt Experience with HECS® Stealthscreen Gear

With HECS® Stealthscreen technology, you can experience turkey hunting on a whole new level. With our patented, carbon-grid technology, you’ll be able to beat out the bird’s heightened senses.

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Improve Your Turkey Hunt with HECS® Stealthscreen

Whether you are hunting an Eastern turkey or a Merriam’s turkey, the advantages that HECS® gear provides you is too insurmountable to be ignored. Birds have a keen sense of picking up EMR (electromagnetic radiation) signals, and this is what makes them more difficult to hunt. HECS® hunting gear can make this easier. With our unique, patented-technology, you’ll be able to block the electric emissions your body puts off. This is key when it comes to turkey hunting.

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How Birds See EMR

Birds use the Earth’s magnetic field for migratory purposes. It’s one of the ways they’re able to navigate the globe. While birds use other clues to know which way to fly, such as celestial bodies, their ability to see EMRs is just another tool in their arsenal. For years we’ve known that birds can see the Earth’s electromagnetic field, but we didn’t know why. Recently, two studies came out (one from Sweden and one from Germany) and found that birds have a special protein in their eyes called Cry4.

Cry4 is in a protein class known as cryptochrome and it is sensitive to blue light. The studies tested two species of birds: European robins and zebra finches. These two birds had the presence of cryptochromes, specifically Cry4, which appears to be the reason as to why they’re able to see the electromagnetic radiation. Some species of birds may have higher amounts of the protein than others, for example the European robins compared to the zebra finches, but it doesn’t take away from the phenomenon that birds have this heightened sense that humans don’t.

This has shed some light on the reason why turkey hunting is a difficult process.

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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Turkey Hunting with HECS® Stealthscreen

As far as wild animals go, turkeys are intelligent and aware of humans. With their keen eyesight, they’re very cautious creatures and they’re able to detect even the smallest amount of movement. This is what makes hunting them a challenge.

Because of their sharp eyes, camouflage is a necessity when hunting turkeys, and we mean full-on camo, such as gloves, hat, boots and mask. HECS® Stealthscreen doesn’t only provide you with adequate camouflage, but it blocks EMRs from being seen by turkeys.

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Hunt smarter not harder

Hunting without HECS® Stealthscreen is more difficult and requires a lot of patience and strategy. For example, making sure you’re covered (hidden) and getting in ready position to really minimize your movement. Without HECS®, it’s still common for the turkey to spot the hunter even when they don’t move at all.

This is the big difference with HECS® Stealthscreen. When your electrical emissions are blocked, the bird only sees the hunter as an inanimate object and slow movement is possible. Without HECS®, even the slightest movement simply isn’t possible.

Interact with Nature Like Never Before

HECS® Stealthscreen is truly the biggest advantage for a turkey hunter when they want to increase their success. When it comes to turkey hunting, getting closer to the bird isn’t the major factor here. It’s all about concealing your movement. Turkeys pick up on your movements extremely well and this is what plagues most hunters. With HECS® Stealthscreen, the electrical signals your body puts off when it moves are blocked, and this means you’ll be able to move without the turkey sensing your presence. This is a game changer when it comes to turkey hunting

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Experience the hunt like you’ve never done before

You can improve your turkey hunt with HECS® Stealthscreen. Any uncovered piece of your body will put out EMRs and turkeys can pick up on these. With hunting gear from HECS®, you can completely cancel out your EMRs. We provide camouflage suits, headcovers and gloves that feature our carbon grid technology for your turkey hunt.

Get your HECS® Stealthscreen gear in time for turkey season.