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Hunting whitetail deer requires more than the desire to fill a tag. A good hunter needs skill, knowledge and reliable equipment. HECS® gear provides an added advantage when it comes to a successful hunt. Imagine being able to approach an animal as it remains unaware of you and takes it down as efficiently as possible. Our hunting camouflage provides the chance for a clean kill and minimizes the risk of injury to the deer and having to track it further or lose altogether.


How Can HECS® Help Me Hunt Whitetail Deer Better?

Whitetail deer, like other mammals, have an excellent sense of their surroundings because their survival depends on it. Hunting them takes a great deal of knowledge, strategy and patience. So, how can you be a better hunter when it’s more than noise that will alert a deer that you are nearby? You need a barrier that shields you from the animals. HECS® technology can help you track your prey more proficiently, so you can get closer and minimize your target range. Getting up close to the whitetails will improve your hunting experience.

HECS® Stealthscreen camo can make a huge difference in the way you hunt. Whether you’re a still hunter, a stalker or prefer stand hunting, you need perfect conditions to bag your whitetail deer. A hunter wearing HECS® hunting clothing will experience calmer, less skittish game that occupies the area for longer periods of time. Typically, if the deer spots the hunter, they tend to bolt. Compared to a hunter who is wearing HECS® gear – they essentially pose no threat, allowing the hunter to get closer to their prey while remaining unnoticed.

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 Improved Whitetail Deer Hunting with HECS® Camouflage

The team with HECS® has spent years researching the science of animals. We went beyond their behaviors and learned about their ability to sense and see electromagnetic patterns. We have gained in depth knowledge about their ability to sense and see electromagnetic patterns. Our patented technology blocks the electrical signals your body puts off. The science is complicated, the results aren’t – you can have an improved whitetail deer hunting experience when you block your own electromagnetic radiation.

HECS® hunting gear allows you to interact with wildlife in a whole new way. Our carbon fiber grid technology helps outdoor enthusiasts and hunters by capturing their electrical emissions so they can get closer to wildlife. We make gear that blocks electromagnetic fields (EMF) & electrical signals so you can approach your prey without disturbing them. You can reduce the stress of the deer you’re hunting when you wear your HECS® gear. Our patented technology can help you track and hunt whitetail deer more proficiently. Better interactions will improve your experience, no matter how you hunt.

It’s More than Cutting-Edge Technology, It’s HECS®

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Hunter Approved Whitetail Deer Camo

We know that moment that you spot the deer and it hasn’t seen you. You will your heart to stop racing, but it doesn’t, so you try to slow down your breathing. All you can hear is your own pulse pounding in your ears, so you take aim before he bolts. Did you make the shot?

Since you can’t stop your heart from beating or your pulse from racing, we give you an advantage that will improve your whitetail hunting experience. HECS® hunting apparel can give you an advantage because our clothing blocks the body’s electrical waves that are produced when you move. Animals can detect your electrical waves, alerting them to your presence. We make the only technology available on the market that blocks your energy and prevents wildlife from sensing your presence.

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Does HECS® work for Whitetail Deer Hunting?

You can improve your whitetail deer hunt with HECS® Stealthscreen. Our hunting camo and clothing shields your EMRs from detection. We provide camouflage suits, headcovers and gloves that feature our carbon grid technology for your upcoming whitetail deer hunt. Find out for yourself how well our gear works and get your HECS® Stealthscreen in time for deer season.