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If your heart is beating and your muscles are moving, you need HECS®

Muscle movements, and even your beating heart produce electrical energy which is emitted from our bodies. Animals are capable of detecting these electrical energy emissions, which confirms living beings and movement. HECS® is the only hunting camouflage clothing available that blocks your electrical signature, making you less detectable by animals. HECS® technology uses a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid specifically designed to block your electrical energy. This patented grid is woven directly into all HECS® fabrics and is lightweight, breathable, and durable.

The Best Hunting Clothing

HECS®  hunting gear is created with our state-of-the-art EMF blocking hunting camouflage, so you can get closer to wild animals than you ever thought possible. This technology makes HECS® the best hunting clothing out there! Muscle movements produce electrical energy that animals detect and use to identify threats. HECS® hunting apparel is the best camouflage clothing available because it works both on the visual and electronic levels. HECS® blocks your bio-electric signature, and the new HECStyle® pattern blends in visually to any terrain, providing the only true camo option to hunters. We won’t promise that wearing HECS® hunting camouflage clothing and hunting gear will make you a better hunter, but it will help you get closer to wildlife in hunting situations. Research shows that when you wear HECS® hunting clothing, you can get up to 75 percent closer to your prey and reduce your “footprint” on your surroundings, leaving an undisturbed overall environment.

How Does HECS® Camo Clothing Work?

Our conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid is woven directly into all our clothing and is specifically designed to block your naturally occurring EMF. HECS® fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and durable. It is the only true camo and the best hunting camouflage on the market. Our camouflage apparel is perfect for hunting during any season, and we carry:

Can Hunting Camouflage Really Block an Animal’s Sixth Sense?

Study proves that attenuating the body’s naturally occurring electrical energy significantly reduces the ability of animals to detect human subjects. Every hunter knows that animals have a “sixth sense,” or an uncanny ability to detect the proximity of humans. What science didn’t fully understand until relatively recently is that one of the mechanisms many animals use to detect humans (and other living beings) is actually the electrical energy signature that all living beings emit through heart rate and muscle movement. A study on the behavior of three species of animals (cattle, horses and mule deer) was conducted while interacting with a human subject, both with and without electronic signature blocking garments (HECS® garments). One of the results of this study found that subjects who had their natural electronic emission blocked with HECS® technology allowed humans to approach 69 to 75 percent closer to mule deer than when that emission was unimpeded. The results also show that the use of HECS® hunting camouflage to block our bodies natural EMR is even more effective when the human subject remains motionless. Overall, the study finds that blocking our electronic energy using HECS® technology makes a human significantly less detectable by many animals when all other senses have been defeated.

“Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS® garments can control this sixth sense.”

Dr. Dave Samuel

Virginia Professor, Emeritus of Wildlife Management

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Interact with nature like never before

We specialize in making EMF blocking hunting gear, to help people get closer to wildlife and nature.

When you are wearing HECS® camouflage, you reduce the stress and impact on both the animals and the environment, appearing more as an inanimate object — giving you a more natural encounter and interaction.

See HECS® Tech in Action

As seen on Animal Planet, Nat Geo, the Discovery Channel, and most recently History Channel with Face the Beast puts HECS® technology into action – showing just how close our products let you get to nature.

Celebrate 10 Years of HECS® With Us!

We are so proud to say that for 10 years our customers have been changing the game using HECS® technology. We can’t thank you guys enough for everything that you do!

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